Monday, 8 August 2011

70s inspired wallpaper design

I have created this 70s style wallpaper design which was ispired by the colours, imagery and block print style of the era. This would work well on one wall as a feature wall and I think it appeals to both the young and old along with male and female.

Sunday, 7 August 2011


Upcycling is a very popular trend right now! It involves taking an object that may have had its best days and giving it a new lease of life! I have designed a placement fabric print for a wooden chair that was in desperate need of restoring and revamping! I painted the chair white and used exciting bright colours to create this feature piece of furniture. The imagery was based on the weird and wonderful fashions of celebrity and took on a random and eccentric design. Hope you like the result!


I created a range of cushions during my final university self initiated project. Each cushion uses vibrant colours and a mixture of stitch and bead work. The imagery is based on the excentric fashion theme used in my upcycled chair project - Going Gaga!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

3rd Year Inspire Me Papers Project

 This project was set to me and my class by Inspire Me Papers. We were asked to select 6 papers out of the companies range and create a collection of four scrap book papers using our own pattern designs. These are the papers I chose to work with from the Inspire Me collection.

Using these colours I created the four scrap book papers above for my final collection. I based the papers on a picnic theme displaying picnic food and drink, a strawberry repeat, mushrooms and ladybirds.
I then went on to create stationary to accompany my scrap book papers. I made a note book with features of my papers throughout the pages. I added ring pulls on the book ties for a finishing touch.
(me looking very nervous after my assessment with the Inspire Me Papers company) I also made ruler designs and sticker sheets to complete my stationary pack! I was very happy with the results as this was only a 2 week project straight after the summer!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Graham and Brown Wallpaper Project 2nd Year

This is my wallpaper design for the project assigned to us by the company Graham and Brown during my 2nd year at uni. I chose to work on a floral design and selected a light grey, charcoal and black colour scheme along with bright pink, purple and lime green. I chose these bright colours to really stand out against the darker background and make this a more exciting design!

2nd Year Dream Project

These are some of the drawings for my second year personal project. The project was based on dreams and worked towards creating a design for a pyjama set.With these images I tried to display dreams turning into nightmares by drawing the good turning bad. E.g. fresh flowers dying and becoming surrounded by thorns, butterflies changing to moths and a dream catcher turning into a spiders web. I went on to colour these images using the same theme. I selected bright colours for the dream images which gradually became more dark and menacing for the nightmares. I really like the detail in these images and the meaning behind them! hope you do too :)


well well well here's my blog! I will put up some images of my 3rd year uni surface pattern design work as soon as I figure out my way around the world of blogging! please take a look!